Rolando Locomotov is a new educational game for children ages 3 to 6

Rolando Locomotov is a character that you can entrust your child’s education to. This new game for phones and tablets has logic- and attention-based tasks, memory training exercises, and interactive tasks that will help your child to get to know the world.

All mini games are adapted for little kids and older
children, and you can choose a difficulty level yourself.

Our goal is educational development of your child

To eliminate stress on your child we designed our app in a way that there is no chance to lose. Rolando Locomotov will assist your child in making the right choice in order to avoid making a mistake. You can be sure that Rolando Locomotov never lets your child feed the cat with poison mushrooms or play with fire. RL is intent on helping your child to learn responsible and safe behavior in everyday situations.

Don’t miss Rolando Locomotov debut in our mobile game. Present your child with a wonderful adventure and reward yourself with some quiet time.

Our game is designed for kids 3 and up.

The game is available for tablets and phones on iOS and Android.