Be-be-bears is the game of the year!


In April 2016, the first educational mobile game based on the Be-be-bears TV series was released on iOS and Android. According to the App Store editors, the game was one of 10 best iPad apps of 2016. Interestingly enough, the game has also been featured on the Best Family page in Google Play.

The game is intended for younger children and tells a story of inseparable bears Bucky and Bjorn and their friends. Kids get to enjoy the interactive world of the animated series featuring a great number of minigames, all of which will help your child develop fine motor skills, improve their memory and attention span, as well as interest them in learning more about the surrounding world.

As we've said before, the animated TV series of the same name as well as the Fantasy Patrol series have been recognized as one of the world's 30 best TV shows.

A new children's mobile app based on the Be-be-bears animated series is due to be released on iOS and Android by the end of the month.