In just one year of their debut, The Interactive Moolt studio has become a market leader of educational mobile apps for kids.


According to the Modern Media Research Institute, about 12 million Russian children aged 2 to 12 play video games. About 65% of them prefer tablets and smartphones over all other devices. Interactive Moolt games and apps have been installed over 5 million times. This important landmark was reached by the company's first birthday (their first product was launched in October, 2015).

The company's main focus is developing educational mobile games and apps based on animated series of the MOOLT television channel. In their debut year, the company launched six products.

"Our projects help teach kids new skills necessary in our digital time, through a child's natural way of learning — playing," says the Interactive Moolt producer, Alexey Ilin. "Mobile games will never replace the need for parental attention and teaching of their kids, but they may become an effective tool in kids' education and growth."

Child psychologists believe that appropriate use of gadgets encourages the development of useful skills in preschool children.

"Certain types of mobile games and apps do promote decision making, the development of logic and reasoning skills, as well as broaden child's view of the world," confirms a psychologist, who collaborated in the development of the Be-Be-Bears game. "For the gaming practice to be useful, parents should not just limit play time, but need to make sure the gaming session was complete. For instance, they could join the child at the end of the game and help them solve a puzzle."

About Interactive Moolt

Interactive Moolt is one of the top 5 developers of educational mobile apps for children, and is a leader in this market sector in Russia and the CIS countries. The company was started in July of 2015 as a game department of the biggest Russian broadcasting company, VGTRK.