Interactive Moolt mobile games have been installed over 8 million times!


Mobile apps by Interactive Moolt — a game department of the biggest Russian broadcasting company, VGTRK — have been downloaded eight million times from both the App Store and Google Play. This milestone has been reached due to the recent release of the game Fantasy Patrol, which was installed by over 400 thousand users in the first month alone. Our most popular apps are two educational games: Be-be-bears and Paper Tales; each of which has been downloaded over 1.8 million times. All of these games are based on animated television series of the same name. It should be noted that Be-be-bears and Fantasy Patrol were among the world’s top 30 most popular TV projects for children in 2016, according to TV market screening results by MIPJunior.

Our games consistently receive very high review scores on digital distribution platforms. Be-be-bears, for instance, was one of the App Store's  top ten apps in 2016. Launched in December 2016,Be-be-bears: Merry Christmas — the second game in the franchise has already made it onto the App Store's recommended list in 154 countries of the world.

As of today, Interactive Moolt has launched seven mobile games for children.