Magic Lantern, Russia's first family VR-app is released on Steam

Supported by the VR Consortium of Russia, Interactive Moolt announced the release of Magic Lantern VR — a virtual reality (VR) game developed by Parovoz studio and based on the popular animated series of the same name. Magic Lantern VR is available on Steam, a global digital distribution platform, to millions of players around the world. 
Magic Lantern VR, a family-oriented interactive game, is played through the eyes of the TV series' protagonist, Kate. The game starts in her room, where you can interact with many different objects: pet the cat, play darts, draw using an easel, or watch cartoons via a projector — all objects in the game are interactive. The game requires a virtual reality headset with interactive features.
You can download Magic Lantern VR for free on Steam both in Russian and in English. It's available for HTC VIVE virtual reality system.
In addition to different interactive mini-games, the free version includes three animated stories based on world famous books and adapted for younger children: Alice in Wonderland, The War of the Worlds, and Little Mowgli.
The extended version will include Gulliver in the Country of the Lilliputians, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Captain Fracassie, Many Miles Under the Sea, Treasure Island, as well as new interactive toys and a way to "turn off" gravity in order to see what happens to everyday objects at zero gravity.
Magic Lantern VR is Russia's first family-oriented interactive VR-based game and it is available to Steam users all over the world.