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Meet our characters! Be-be-bears Bjorn & Bucky are inseparable friends. The white one is a know-it-all, and the brown one is a fidget. They live in a magic forest together with darling Foxy and faithful Сhicky. Every day in the life of our be-be-bears is full of adventures, inventions, entertainments, and critical exploration of the world. The be-be-bears will be happy to welcome your child into their funny, exciting, and, above all, educational games!

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There are so many interesting things
in the forest!

Take the bear cubs
out to do some
wildlife photography

It’s so fun to invent!

Help Bucky assemble
the boat.

Feed the fish!

There are things to do
on the lake during winter
as well

Autumn in the forest
is very beautiful!

Clear the fallen leaves
from the playground

Cleaning can
also be fun!

Tidy up Bjorn’s room.

Play with a whole family

Dear parents, We are happy to present you the third project of the Interactive Moolt cycle. Once again we’d like to thank the MOOLT channel and the creators of Be-be-bears, a funny and cheerful animated series, for their cooperation. Your child is welcome to visit a colorful, magical forest where they can play to their heart’s content, have fun, and of course, learn something useful.

It’s very easy to visit Bjorn and Bucky. You only need to follow the link, download the Be-be-bears application, and install it on your tablet or phone. The game is designed for iOS and Android devices. And you can try it for free.

Be-be-bears is a flamboyant, exciting, and definitely useful adventure for your kid. When creating the game, we tried to keep a balance between serious and fun, between education and entertainment. The magic forest where Bjorn, Bucky, Foxy, and Сhicky live is a place where you can dance, sit on a swing, and even sound a gong. You can also go fishing or out for wildlife photography, sweep a path or help one of the be-be-bears tidy up his room. Your child will receive useful skills and knowledge in the form of an easy and unobtrusive game. Cleaning has never been so interesting!

Be-be-bears is a bright and colorful game with the trademark 3D graphics that you have come to like so much in the animated series. The characters run, jump, laugh, and make funny faces. You can’t help but smile when you look at them. Guaranteed to put your child in a good mood!

Be-be-bears will be equally interesting for boys and girls. In the description, we advise that the game is best for children between ages 3 and 6. But even if your child is younger than 3 or older than 6, you can try introducing them to Be-be-bears. Maybe they’ll like playing and exploring the world with Bjorn and Bucky. The application is designed for iPad and iPhone, as well as Android 4.1 or higher devices. Requirements for Android phones and tablets: 960x540 screen resolution or higher, 1 GB of RAM or higher. If you have any questions, you can write us. We will also be pleased to hear our players’ feedback and wishes.

Have a fun adventure!
Best regards,
Be-be-bears Project Team

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