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Inseparable friends, Aristotle the Moose and Knock-Knock the Woodpecker, invite you and your children to have a good paper time in Paper Tales, a new interactive animated series. Ari and Knock will help your child unlock their creative potential, develop creative thinking, and teach them not to be afraid of experimenting.



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Ari and Knock interact with the surrounding paper world just as the child wishes: they teach children how to combine things, explain what to do and how to do it. All this happens in places familiar to little fans of the animated series.

If you put a fish into a pot with water, you can cook fish soup

Pick raspberries from a bush, put them into a pot, fill it with water from a spring, and get a raspberry fruit drink that can be given to any character

If you cut a tree with an axe, you will get a wooden horse

If you catch a fish and feed it to a rabbit, you will get a cat

If you pour water from a tap into a watering can and water the plants in a pot, flowers will appear

Cut a slice of cheese with a knife. Put the cheese on a piece of bread to get a cheese sandwich

If you take some dough, add strawberries, and put it into the oven, you will get a strawberry cake

If you put a piece of bread in the toaster, you’ll get a toast. Add a strawberry to the toast to get toast with strawberry jam

Play with the whole family

Welcome to the Paper Forest! We are always happy to see little experimenters and dreamers here. We have prepared for them a world where every object is interactive. It's so interesting to touch, move, merge multiple items, and receive new ones. Paper Tales is our gift for curious kids ready to create, explore the world, and experiment.

Dear parents, Your favorite characters, Aristotle the Moose and Knock-Knock the Woodpecker, invite you and your children to have a good paper time in Paper Tales, a new interactive animated series. The game is presented by the Moolt TV channel and supported by studio Parovoz.


When creating the game, we wanted to provide children with a virtual game room where they would become true masters, a space where they could explore and experiment without limits. The kitchen, Ari’s room, the forest, and the garden kids will recognize from the animated series are filled with interactive objects.


A child can activate an object by touching it, give it to a character, or even combine several objects. For example, after you place a fish into a pot with water, you will have a boiled fish that you can feed to a character. Feed Aggie Bird and she’ll lay an egg. Give the egg back to Aggie and she’ll hatch a nestling.


There are a lot of options for how to interact. The game encourages a child to explore the world and try new things, teaching and developing them in an unobtrusive way. After all, combining two objects doesn’t always give the desired result. Put a mushroom into a fire and you’ll get a coal; drag a mushroom onto the skewer and you’ll get a tasty roasted mushroom.

Play with the whole family

There are no hard scenarios in the game. We added only simple recipes that a child can remember and reproduce. We offer you and your kid a chance to study them and cook different treats. And if an older brother or sister wants to help? It’s always more fun together!


Paper Tales also has a creative studio. We are sure that every child has huge creative potential. It’s only necessary to develop their creative thinking and teach them not to be afraid of experimenting. Imagine how great it would be to take a snow white sheet of paper, paint orange stripes, make a photo, upload it to our editor, and apply it to a character. And then everyone’s beloved Bunnycat will look like a real tiger. Afterward the character can be printed out, folded, and shown to relatives and friends. You’ll be so proud of your little Da Vinci!

Virtual and Real Results

The game has many patterns for creative paper work, so that a child can not only demonstrate themselves in a virtual world, but in real life too. Let the familiar paper characters enriched by your little designer adorn your nursery. It’s so important to see the results of your work, to improve yourself, to develop.

When creating Paper Tales, we aimed to combine up-to-date technologies with the very scissors and paper that we’ve known since childhood. To give a child the opportunity to create, explore, and experiment in a safe environment.

Universal, Interesting, Mobile

The game is universal and suitable for both boys and girls. We had children ages 3 to 6 in mind, though this is not so much a restriction as it is a recommendation. Even if your child is younger than 3 or older than 6, let them try. Maybe Paper Tales will become their favorite game. The application is designed for iPad and iPhone, as well as Android 4.1 or higher devices.

Requirements for Android phones and tablets: 960x540 screen resolution or higher, 1 GB of RAM or higher. If you have any questions, you can write us. We will also be pleased to hear our players’ feedback and wishes.

Have fun with your papercraft!
Best regards,
Paper Tales Project Team

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