Heroes of Envell: Glorious

Become a hero!


Immerse yourself in the exciting world of fantasy, cyberpunk and madness! Fight against the evil!

Battle hordes of monsters

Make fateful decisions

Collect tons of unique pets

Play as your favorite characters from the cartoon

Unlock new characters


The team Leader. Brave, savvy and Hyper-responsible. Art is very demanding not only to himself, but also to the rest.

Motto — «Guys, let's get together»

Weapon — Sword and power shield


Selfish loner and bully. Kira always tries to stay independent, loves show her strength and assert herself at the expense of others. But deeply in her heart, she is very attached to the teammates

Motto — «Okaaay, the last time I save you!»

Weapon — Crossbow


Student-a bore. Very smart, dreamy, and a little cowardy, but only when it comes to a real danger. He tends to calculate all bad outcomes in any situation.

The motto — «Well, it still happened. I told you!»

Weapon — Glove


Active, cheerful and a bit self-confident. However, only few chosen people can chat with Phil.

Motto — «Guys, look how I can»

Weapons —Tablet and staff

ATMOSPHERE The enchanting game atmosphere
STYLE The vibrant visual style, thought out to the last detail
GAMEPLAY Exciting and colorful gameplay
GRAPHICS Interactive Moolt's one-of-a-kind, trademark graphics
GAMEPLAY EXPERIENCE total immersion in the gameplay experience

Become a hero!

Your smartphone turned out to be a portal to a world where danger and adventures await you at every turn! Art, Vic, Kira, and Phil need your help! Unimaginably powerful forces are preparing to destroy the world of Envell as we speak. It's up to you to save it!

The heroes from the cartoon Heroes of Envell are ready to fight the forces of evil. They need your help! Unravel a mysterious plot, crush your enemies, and become a hero!

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