Четверо в кубе

Leo and Tig: Forest Adventures

New Adventures!

Thrilling journey

The second game based on the cartoon Leo and Tig sends you on a thrilling new adventure! The spirit of the taiga has led the brave friends to the heart of the forest, to the Big Tree of the Taiga, where the animals can make the home they’ve always dreamed of! Play as any character from the series!


Create the most magnificent spot in all the taiga!

Complete fascinating quests!

Solve challenging riddles given by the spirits of the magical taiga!

Discover the animals’ unique abilities!

Explore incredibly beautiful places!

Face your fears with the quick and courageous Marty!
Make unbelievable discoveries with the observant and resourceful Cuba!
Overcome every challenge with the wise, brave Jara by your side!
Do good deeds with the responsible and reasonable Mila!
Go on incredible adventures with the curious and excitable Tig!
Find out what’s interesting about the simplest things with the ever-active and agile Leo!
Play as any character
from the series!

Complete fascinating quests and solve challenging puzzles from real spirits of the taiga to get valuable rewards you can use to decorate your new home! Unlock the unique abilities of the animals and don’t

forget that teamwork is the only way to overcome all the obstacles. Get Leo, Tig, Mila, Jara, Cuba, and Marty the squirrel all together and then set off on a magical journey through this wondrous taiga!

How interesting!
Leo and Tig
A journey through the mystical taiga
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Rhythm Patrol
Incredible star concert!
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